Wiring harnesses for mining, automotive & aviation

Minimise your mining fleet's downtime with IBC Wiring Solutions. Our Mackay-based team provides quality wiring harnesses to the mining sector. We understand the tough conditions your heavy equipment is subjected to. Extreme environmental conditions, including dust, dirt, high humidity and heat, along with constant use puts electrical equipment under enormous strain. That's why our harnesses are engineered and built to the highest specifications.

Reactive maintenance is a major factor affecting heavy machinery availability. Our durable and easy to install wiring harnesses can save you money by minimising downtime associated with faulty wiring or lengthy wiring upgrades. Quick and simple to install, our harnesses come with a parts list and schematic diagram to get your fleet moving again as soon as possible.

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From heavy-duty earthmoving equipment to light commercial vehicles, you can trust IBC Wiring Solutions to deliver versatile, affordable wire harnesses for the automotive industry. Designed, manufactured and tested at our Mackay workshop, our cable harnesses facilitate effective transmission of power and information through the vehicle.

Our high-grade assemblies are used for numerous applications including air conditioning and ignition systems, power windows, horn relays, lights, engine fans and more. We can customise wire harnesses to your specifications and requirements using schematics or reverse-engineering. Our products are made from quality materials and will withstand extreme conditions. Call us to discuss your vehicle wiring harness requirements today.
IBC Wiring Solutions supplies a variety of aircraft electrical wiring harnesses. Whether you are looking for small radio assemblies to more complicated wiring harnesses with 100s of metres of wire, you can rely on our assemblies to perform under even the toughest of conditions.
Wiring assemblies we manufacture include:

  • Braided wiring harnesses
  • RF cable assemblies
  • Closed bundle harnesses
  • Flight control wiring harnesses
  • Flight test instrumentation wiring harnesses
  • Ground support wiring harnesses
  • Large wired enclosures
  • Moulded cables
  • Open bundle harnesses
  • Power feeder cables
  • Pylon wiring harnesses Based in Mackay, our service area includes Bowen, Rockhampton and Emerald as well.
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