Custom wiring harnesses

At IBC Wiring Solutions in Mackay our harnesses are built for the most demanding of environments and can be customised to your specifications. We use quality materials that exceed Australian Standards and coupled with our superior workmanship, you can be confident our custom wiring harness will be long-lasting and effective. In fact, our production methods are aimed at extending the life of your equipment, providing you with a reliable, cost-effective wiring harness that meets your needs perfectly.
All our harnesses are designed and drawn using CAD drafting software, allowing us to reproduce replacements on short notice if required.
Our customised solutions include:
  • Customised wiring harnesses
  • Design input
  • CAD drawing
  • Prototyping
  • Electrical testing assemblies
  • Wiring braiding
  • Component sales
  • Aftersales customer service
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